3 Tips When Buying Your First Sex Toy

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Buying your first sex toy? You’ll be pleased to know that sex toys are good for you – they allow you to express yourself sexually. They can bring a lot of pleasure to self-stimulation or stimulation with a partner.

Safe sex practiced in an intimate relationship can improve your overall health, reduce pain and stress and also improve your sleep. It has been proven by countless studies to be good for the heart and immune system too. It helps blood circulation and reduces cholesterol levels, and also looks after your testosterone levels. Not only this, but sex is also an excellent form of exercise, and can burn around 144 calories per half hour.

Here are three great tips you should take note of when buying your first sex toy.

Be adventurous

Thankfully we live in a much more open society where people are now ditching their sexual inhibitions and embracing different, exciting ways to have sex. More and more women are using sex toys these days in particular. Although some women worry that their partner will find the idea as a threat to their sex life, they can actually help couples increase the kinkiness levels when they get down to business. Couples who have a playful attitude towards sex will have a more satisfying sex life.

Be smart

Once you’re ready to buy your first sex toy, check out some reputable online sex shops which make shopping a piece of cake with lots of product tips and discreet delivery so you don’t have to worry about your next door neighbour nosing around. Make an effort to set aside an evening with your lover to browse online – it can be fun, even if you don’t buy anything. The best sex toys for beginners include egg-shaped vibrators and vibrating penis rings, which can be worn during sex to increase excitement and pleasure for both partners.

Be safe

Whatever you go for, ensure that you only buy body safe toys. When in doubt, use a condom on the toy – especially use one if you’re sharing it. It is important that you wash them thoroughly and use sex toy cleaner after each use to prevent the spread of STIs. Be safe and have fun and with your first sex toy!

5 Ways Adult Toys Can Improve Your Sex Life


Adult toys aren’t just for single people you know! Even though attitudes towards sexuality have become much more liberal in recent times, many of us are still hugely confused about the concept of sex and pleasure.

We all have sex. We all love sex. We all want sex. Sex is about connection, exploration, pleasure and fun. If you’re cautious as to whether or not there is a role for adult toys in a loving, healthy relationship, you should ignore your doubts as they are an excellent way of bringing new and exciting experiences to your sex life.

We’ve put together the top five ways they can do wonders with your sex life:

  1. Explore your body

Experimentation is all down to personal tastes. A woman can explore her own body with or without her partner with the use of a vibrator, for example. When she becomes more familiar with her sexual triggers and what turns her on, the better the orgasm she will experience. Some women are relaxed with the idea of self-exploration while a partner is looking on, while others prefer to get to know themselves alone first.

  1. Explore your partner’s body

Adult toys are all about giving you that little sexual variety when you need it most. Stepping into the unknown can be a huge source of excitement with some individuals and couples. Great combinations include a bullet vibrator and your spot, a wand with an intimate massage and a vibrator with oral sex. Try to gauge your partner’s reaction and get to know what they’re into.

  1. Prostate exploration

The terms prostate and the male g-spot are often used interchangeably, due to the intense orgasm that stimulation of this area can provide. Try experimenting with some of the specialised toys for this very purpose. Please note, this can result in amazing orgasms!

  1. Partner play

There is a huge variety of products on offer. Some recommendations for partner play include bullet vibrators and cock rings as these are ideal for use as part of intercourse. The added stimulation can boost orgasms for both partners. Think of these toys a way of enhancing your sex, not replacing a part of it.

  1. Fulfil your fantasy

Experimentation give you the opportunity to explore your fantasies such as bondage, for example. Start off light and see where the mood brings you.


We hope this article has informed about the positives when it comes to introducing adult toys into your bedroom. When used with respect, they can add a new dimension to a healthy sexual relationship. Adult toys really are a great way of increasing arousal and satisfaction for both people in a relationship.


Hitachi Magic Wand | Ultimate Cheap Sex Toys

magic wandWhen it comes to sex toys for women they encounter two major problems, first of all the price, finding cheap sex toys is not an easy task. The second of coarse is being discreet about the whole thing. For some people buying sex toys is a shameful act and so they try and hide it. We have a solution to both these problems- it’s called the Hitachi Magic Wand. This is the Ultimate sex toy as its retail price is only around €50 – €70.

Dual-Purpose Sex Toy

When it comes to sex toys women find the whole purchasing process a stressful one. What is the neighbours see it? What if the kids find out? This leads women nervously waiting by the door until the delivery man arrives. The beauty of the Hitachi Magic Wand is that there is not mention of sex toy anywhere. It’s simply labelled as “personnel massager”, you’re getting something to relax your muscles and detress after a long day. No one has to know what you’re really using it for behind closed doors.


We had a look around the different online providers to see what kind of price we could get and we were delighted with the results. Even though the Hitachi Magic Wand is a high end sex toys it comes in at an average of €55. This is extremely cheap for a toy that will have you moaning in seconds.

Look and Feel

Let’s be honest it looks like a microphone from the 80’s that you drunkenly sang into on that Hen party that you don’t talk about.. It has a soft and spongy head, instead of a cold plastic feel that other sex toys give. It has a motor with different settings to meet your level of stimulation. In other words you have just purchased ‘Sex on A Stick’. It has been labelled one of the most effective clitoral devices.

The Drawback

I know just when you thought it was all so perfect. It’s a plug in. So we recommend don’t try use this in bath, or the shower because you might die. It can be kind of awkward because you don’t know where and when you are going to want to use it. And if you are using it with a partner the lead can sometimes get tangled up. Not fun at all!


Sex Toy Specs

  • Material – a combination of plastic and sponge.
  • Width – 2.5”
  • Length – 12” (I know its big)
  • Weight – 1.28lbs (mostly in the head)
  • Cord – 6′
  • Colours – white or blue


  • Discreet – Sure what else would you be doing with a muscle massager.
  • Price – at around €50 sure you’re not going to break the bank.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Can be used for both male and female – everybody loves a bit of versatility.


  • Noise – It can be very loud
  • The Bloody Chord!
  • Electric – not being able to use it in the bath can be a big turn off for some people.

So if you’re looking for cheap sex toy that will not only fulfill your needs but will also draw no attention to itself then the Hitachi Magic Wand is the sex toys for you.

Introducing Sex Toys to Your Relationship

sexy couple kissing and playing in bed


Even if your sex life is excellent today, what if you could make it more interesting? When you wish to add more variety to the happenings in the bed room, among the best choices is to add some sex toys to the party. The toys can turn an ordinary evening into something amazing. Those who have a daring and spirited attitude toward sex will certainly discover that toys can actually add to the relationship instead of remove from it.

One of the myths about adding toys to the bedroom is that it will certainly somehow make the partner feel less needed. While this could happen in uncommon cases, couples who hire toys together, and who really utilize them together discover the opposite to be real. They are closer than ever and feel that it reinforces their relationship inside and beyond the bedroom. Consider a few of the ways that it can help.

Helping Her Reach the Big O.

Most people might not want to hear this, but it is a fact that almost 75% of women fail to reach orgasm while having penetrative sex. While it is a good idea to start with some foreplay, it may not be the complete solution, on its own. Nevertheless there are some other options which you should also consider, like oral sex and adding in some sex toys. This will enhance the experience and will increase the chance for the woman to reach climax.

By including sex toys, such as vibrators, the stimulation of the clitoris can make it far easier for the ladies to reach orgasm, and as you may be aware, that really does play an important role in bringing a couple even closer together. Both members of the couple, not just the man, need to have that experience of sexual satisfaction for a complete and happy relationship.

No Replacement for the Real Thing.

Among the reasons that some guys worry about bringing sex toys in the bedroom, as mentioned, is that they feel it is a replacement. This is an unproven worry, however it is easy to understand. One way around this is just to take things slowly. At the beginning, you can introduce a product which is relatively tame and can see how the both of you like it. If you are both happy with that, then you can introduce some more products and go to the next level, to increase your pleasure of both parties.

The crucial thing here is that neither partner surprises the other. Don’t just pull a sex toy from your drawer and begin smiling. You need to talk about things first, go slowly, and never do anything that the other person doesn’t like, or else it might harm instead of growing the relationship. Both partners must be comfortable to try new things and one partner should not force their fantasies or desires on the others, if it is not something they want to do. 50 Shades of Grey is not for everyone!

Just Give it A Go

There is a very large selection of sex toys available and they have become more accessible than ever through online shopping. This is a quick and easy way to not only buy online, but also to compare products and learn how to get the best from them. It has an added benefit of taking any potential embarrassment out of the whole process. The first step is to have a chat with it about your partner and see how they feel about the whole issue. Keep it fun and you could open up a whole new world of pleasure for you both, which can only be good for your relationship.


Sex Toys Ireland – Buying A Sex Toy Together


One way to spice up your sex life is using sex toys, either alone or together with your partner – you can do this with Sex Toys Ireland.

A good way to get in the mood for this is to choose these toys together. Sometimes, people can be intimidated by sex toys: they view them as a replacement of themselves instead of an aid to create exciting new experiences in the bedroom. We all enjoy a bit of variation in our day-to-day life – toys are simply a means of making sure this is the case in our sex lives too. Good lovers will never become redundant. When thinking about sex toys, vibrators will spring to mind for a lot of people, but vibrators are only a small fraction of what’s available from Sex Toys Ireland.

Check out Sex Toys Ireland to see what is available, you will be amazed! Here are a few tips to help you along the way.

  • The most private way to order sex toys is to look in an online catalogue or store of a big online sex shop. Here you can find all the information you need, with detailed product descriptions and video guides.
  • Discuss with your partner what your interests are, what you have tried or would like to try. Vibrator, dildo, cock ring? Thai beads, hand cuffs, anal plugs? Just talking about it will make sure you get to know each other’s tastes.
  • Browse through the product selection and you will find things that you have most likely never heard of before. Which toys excite you and your partner? Which toys would you like to try alone, and which ones would you like to try together?
  • When you find something you both like, buy it. Make sure that the website offers discreet delivery – Sex Toys Ireland can take care of this for you. When it arrives, only unpack it when you both have time to explore it together, without rush. Play with it and enjoy it.
  • Once you are used to buying sex toys to play with together, also buy some toys you would like to use for yourself. But you can make this even more exciting by demonstrating to your partner how you use these sex toys…

Building up a collection of sex toys together is not only sexy but fun, it will certainly go a long way to spicing up your sex lives. If you’re living in Ireland, then check out Sex Toys Ireland for the best deals on adult toys!